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frequently asked questions

No you don’t. If you are looking to own or lease properties and generate an income on the Short Term Rental (STR) platforms you do not need a Real Estate (RE) License in order to do so.

If you are looking to run a Co-Hosting “Management” style Business you do not need a Real Estate license to do so. However if you are looking to collect funds on behalf of the owner, hold funds and then pay the owner at the end of the month you may want to look at running that through a formal RE Trust Account depending on which state you are operating in.

We can talk more about this on your scheduled “Strategy” call and we also cover it off in the Blueprint course.
Short Term rentals do not suit all locations or all dwellings. The first thing we do with every property is to take a look at it either physically or virtually online. If it does not meet our “Spaghetti Grinder” formula then we will not take it on.

If we are looking to manage a property on behalf of the owner, we do the exact same process. If the property is not up to a 5 star review standard, or if it is not in the right location for demand we will advise the owner that they are actually better off renting it to a long term tenant.

We always make sure we check the council regulations in each area and if it is an apartment, we also check body corporate rules and regulations. This is easy to do and in time you will get to know the “Go” areas and buildings automatically and the “No Go” zones as well.

The great news is all the money is in the popular “In Demand” “High Density” zoned areas or right now in the coastal, rural areas. Most of these locations are all good for short term accommodation. Don’t waste time in marginal suburbs where occupancy and price will be low and you will have problems with council. There are so many lucrative areas ready for you to have multiple properties in and do very well.
Every single thing that Aaron and Nicole know about making money on the STR market has been recorded and documented and put in your very own personal online back office. Nothing was left out. If things change or they learn something new, then they refresh the program with the new information. It is a live, living program that you receive forever. Simply watch the first video and apply the information. Then watch the second video and apply the information. It is an easy step by step program as if Aaron and Nicole were sitting right across from you in person.

On top of all of that there is an incredible Facebook community of over 1,000 members that are supportive, motivating and educational. Ask any question you want in the group or use the search bar to search previous questions and the community will come to your aid.

We also hold a monthly webinar live with Aaron and Nicole. This is extra bonus, “Real Time” information shared every single month to help you navigate. They will also recognize all the $5,000 members club all the way up to the Millionaires Club every month. You can also ask questions live on this monthly call.

All of these calls are recorded and put in your “Coaching Call Vault” for future reference or replay if you miss the call. There are over 50 in the vault already, so you have some watching to do..

Also, you can contact Aaron and Nicole via email if you have any specific personal questions that you can’t find the answers to.
There is no money back guarantee on the BnB Professional Blueprint after 7 days. But we do have a 7 day cooling off period. This is how it works:

You purchase the course upfront or via the payment plan. From the day you purchase the course the 7 day cooling off period starts. We recommend logging into your course straight away for this reason:

A 7 day timer starts ticking down to unlock your full course access from the moment you first log in. In your first log in, you will have access to all of Module 1 – “Preparation” (11 videos) plus you also have access to all of the “Getting Started” videos (Another 6 videos and 1 printout roadmap) Plus you will also have access to the Facebook group, email support and webinars.

If after 7 days there is a change in circumstances or enthusiasm you are entitled to a full refund. If after 7 days you are good to go, then you will automatically unlock access to the remaining 7 modules and bonuses.
Live workshops are not part of the BnB Professional Blueprint course. However, with the exception of 2020 we have run 2 events each year in 2018 and 2019 for our students for free that have been dubbed “The best live events I have ever attended” by dozens of our Entrepreneurial students that frequent many educational events.

So let’s see what the future holds in 2021 and 2022. We love putting on live events and meeting everyone in person, so stay tuned to the Facebook group and your emails for updates in this area.
They have in the past run a “Next Level” personal mentoring program called “BnB Lux.” In 2019, 2020 they had 50 students take up this mentoring program that included a weekend retreat in Noosa with them, access to their whole team, their personal phone numbers that people coulduse as much as they needed between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday, a separate “Next Level” Lux login back office, leads to properties and much more.

Very few coaches at this level give you personal access to their mobile numbers, but Aaron and Nicole said if they are going to mentor their students, they want to mentor their students personally – Not have one of their staff do it, not have it through group webinars, like we see so many other “Mentoring” programs doing with very little value for the investment.

Unfortunately this program is no longer publicly available, but Aaron and Nicole still take one on one students for 12 months through a personal application process. The cost is $25,000.
There are a few ways to answer this. So let’s start here:

If you are looking to run the “Co-Hosting” or “Management” model you can really run the whole business with zero expenses up front or ongoing. As with this model the owner pays for absolutely everything. You will need a phone and Internet, but I am tipping you are paying for these already.

Some other things you may want to consider investing in are business cards, brochures and a professional website.

As you expand you may need someone on the ground interstate that you need to pay to help you find properties and fit them out. You may want to invest in software that helps you automate a lot of the laborious tasks and you may want to invest in advertising etc. These costs you can add as you expand your business bigger and bigger. But you can get started without any of these things.

The great part about this model is the owner pays for the utilities, furniture, fit out, welcome gifts, WIFI, Netflix etc. EVERYTHING. It’s a beautiful model.

However, if you are looking to run some leased properties you will need to pay for the things that a traditional tenant pays for such as the utilities, bond, furniture, rent etc. This model can potentially make you a lot more money than the management model as you keep 100% of the income rather than say 20%, but in a COVID “Unsure” environment the management model provides an income with less risk.

Remember the guest always pays for the cleaning, so that is never a cost to you.

So, all in all it is a very low risk, low overhead business model with incredible potential upside.
If leasing, as per a normal tenant you should definitely take out content’s insurance for your furniture and other internal contents. We also have a very affordable specific “short-term rental” insurance that we advise you utilize in your business as well. This may cover you for things like loss of income if flooding were to happen, liabilities etc.

But here is how any “Incidents” or damage should be handled in order.

Firstly contact the guest and ask them to pay for the extra cleaning or damage that was caused. In our experience, around 40% of guests are pretty good to do this and even apologetic. But you will still get the majority that do not respond.

So your second point of call is to contact AirBnB (If the booking was through that platform). Provide the information, provide pictures and evidence and in our experience 80% of the time they come to the party and will use their $1 Million USD Host Guarantee Fund to protect hosts.

Thirdly if that does not work, that is what your insurance is for.
No, this business model will work in any country in the world.

The software we use to calculate occupancy rates, seasonal income and average daily rates is global and can work in any suburb, zip code or country.

The profit calculator is just numbers. It works on any property in any location just the same.

The way we teach you to list a property on AirBnB,, VRBO, HomeAway and others is all the same if you want an A class listing. The algorithm we teach you applies on all sites whether you are living in the UK, USA, South America, Australia, NZ, Europe, Asia, Africa or anywhere in between.

The way you fit out a property and gain the most profits and 5 star reviews is exactly the same in every location.

All the systems, automation and scaling up to multiple properties is the same wherever you live.

The formula for finding the properties that make you the most income works exactly the same anywhere in the world. Just follow our steps one by one.

In our course we refer to Australian suburbs as examples, just apply to your local suburbs exactly the same way.

In our course we have legal leases drawn up for each state of Australia that cover you legally based on state law of short term renting a leased property. We also have legal “Co-Hosting” contracts drawn up for you, so that you can simply present this to the owners without having to do all the labour and legal costs.

We would encourage you to take these documents to your legal representative and have them review and edit them to meet your local laws and legislation if you are outside of Australia.

Always check your local body corporate policies and procedures for each building, your local council rules and your state laws before choosing a location or property. This will work in every location and we do have students all over the world. All the lessons, bonuses and trainings in our course can be applied globally. Feel confident to use it and apply it in your local area.

Nicole and Aaron are on a mission to transform the way Australians and New Zealanders are successful in real estate.

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